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Jack and the Beanstalk

Grove Park Theatre presents the tallest tale of them all, the festive family favourite Jack and the Beanstalk.

Dame Trott and her sons Jack and Silly Billy struggle to make ends meet at Flatwallet Farm where they live and work with their prize cow Daisy. But Daisy's future is at stake in the hands of the evil Fleshcreep when they have to sell their beloved beast to prevent their eviction.

The only way to save the family farm is to somehow reach the Giant's castle high up in the clouds and fight for for the goose that lays the golden eggs. Jack will meet a whole host of hilarious friends along the way including a magic fairy who will guide him on his quest, and he might even find love on his travels!

With big laughs, a big giant and a big blend of music, magic and mayhem, the whole gang can't wait to see you for the panto that is sure to be the beans-talk of the town!

Please NOTE

  • ALL Children MUST have their own seat
  • The Pantomime may not be suitable for children under 3 years old
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    Thursday 8 Dec 20167:00pm Book Now
    Friday 9 Dec 20167:00pm Book Now
    Saturday 10 Dec 20161:00pm Book Now
    Saturday 10 Dec 20165:30pm Book Now
    Sunday 11 Dec 20161:00pm Book Now
    Sunday 11 Dec 20165:30pm Book Now
    Wednesday 14 Dec 20167:00pm Book Now
    Thursday 15 Dec 20167:00pm Book Now (Sold Out)
    Friday 16 Dec 20167:00pm Book Now
    Saturday 17 Dec 20161:00pm Book Now
    Saturday 17 Dec 20165:30pm Book Now (Sold Out)
    Sunday 18 Dec 20161:00pm Book Now
    Sunday 18 Dec 20165:30pm Book Now (Sold Out)
    Tuesday 20 Dec 20167:00pm Book Now
    Wednesday 21 Dec 20167:00pm Book Now
    Thursday 22 Dec 20167:00pm Book Now (Sold Out)
    Friday 23 Dec 20167:00pm Book Now
    Saturday 24 Dec 20164:00pm Book Now
    Tuesday 27 Dec 20161:00pm Book Now
    Tuesday 27 Dec 20165:30pm Book Now
    Wednesday 28 Dec 20167:00pm Book Now
    Thursday 29 Dec 20167:00pm Book Now
    Friday 30 Dec 20167:00pm Book Now
    Sunday 1 Jan 20174:00pm Book Now (Sold Out)
    Jack and the Beanstalk

    Sign Of The Times

    From the author of such popular classics as ‘Neville’s Island’, ‘The Flint Street Nativity’and ‘Calendar Girls’,comes a funny,moving and ingenious comedy.

    Frank is a would-be spy novelist and Head of Installation at Forshaws, a commercial lettering factory. His reluctant teenage trainee Alan is more interested in listening to music and dreaming of great things for his band ‘Lizard’ than following Frank’s instructions on how to install bracketing systems.

    As they attempt to fix the company name in giant letters on the side of its building, it becomes apparent that the letters are supposed to spell something wholly unexpected - resulting in a change of direction for both men.

    The second act moves the action on three years and with their roles reversed, the pair soon find themselves in familiar territory when an emergency prompts them to confront some uncomfortable truths.

    This gem of a comedy represents Tim Firth at his laugh-out-loud best.

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    Thursday 9 Feb 20177:30pm Book Now
    Friday 10 Feb 20177:30pm Book Now
    Saturday 11 Feb 20177:30pm Book Now
    Monday 13 Feb 20177:30pm Book Now
    Tuesday 14 Feb 20177:30pm Book Now
    Wednesday 15 Feb 20177:30pm Book Now
    Thursday 16 Feb 20177:30pm Book Now
    Friday 17 Feb 20177:30pm Book Now
    Saturday 18 Feb 20177:30pm Book Now
    Sign Of The Times

    Veronica's Room

    This chilling mystery thriller by the author of Rosemary's Baby, Deathtrap and The Boys From Brazil explores the thin line between fantasy and reality, madness and murder.

    It is 1973 and students Susan and Larry are invited to visit the mansion home of the Brabissant family by dissolute caretakers the lonely Mackeys when they meet by chance in a restaurant.

    The Mackeys are struck by Susan's strong resemblance to Veronica Brabissant, long-dead daughter of the family for whom they work. Susan is gradually induced to impersonate Veronica in order to provide comfort to the only living Brabissant,Veronica’s ailing and addled sister who still believes Veronica is alive.

    But as soon as she is dressed in Veronica's clothes, Susan finds herself locked in Veronica’s room and trapped in the role of Veronica. Or is she Veronica, in 1935, pretending to be an imaginary Susan?

    This spine-chilling tale of betrayal, illusion and identity will keep you guessing to the last.

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    Thursday 23 Mar 20177:30pm Book Now
    Friday 24 Mar 20177:30pm Book Now
    Saturday 25 Mar 20177:30pm Book Now
    Monday 27 Mar 20177:30pm Book Now
    Tuesday 28 Mar 20177:30pm Book Now
    Wednesday 29 Mar 20177:30pm Book Now
    Thursday 30 Mar 20177:30pm Book Now
    Friday 31 Mar 20177:30pm Book Now
    Saturday 1 Apr 20177:30pm Book Now
    Veronica's Room

    The Lion The Witch & the Wardrobe

    A Youth Theatre Production

    C.S.Lewis' classic story Dramatised by Adrian Mitchell. Music by Shaun Davey

    A musical adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ classic childrens’ story.

    Following recent successful adaptations of Grimm’s Tales and Tales from Oz, Grove Park’s talented Youth Section presents a musical adaptation of C.S. Lewis's classic children's story.

    The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe tells the story of four children - Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan, who are evacuated from London during the Blitz to stay at the home of the Professor. Lucy stumbles across a mysterious wardrobe while exploring the house - and discovers a gateway to another world.

    This incredible land - known as Narnia - is under the spell of the wicked White Witch and very quickly the children find themselves in the middle of a deadly battle between the forces of good and evil.

    This play features an original musical score created for the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon. It promises to be a fantastic addition to the Youth Section’s growing list of impressive productions.

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    Tuesday 11 Apr 20177:00pm Book Now
    Wednesday 12 Apr 20177:00pm Book Now
    Thursday 13 Apr 20177:00pm Book Now
    The Lion The Witch & the Wardrobe

    Just Like That

    Tommy Cooper was a true comic genius. His impeccable timing, misfiring magic, trademark fez and quick-fire gags made him an international star.

    "Just Like That!" embarks on a nationwide tour after sell-out success at the West End's Museum of Comedy. This all-encapsulating show features John Hewer (Tony Hancock, Hancock's Half Hour - The 'Lost' Episodes) giving "a perfect illusion of time travel" and delivering "nuances both obvious and subtle" as the man in the fez.

    Complete with live musical accompaniment, this critically acclaimed tribute show is full of magic and mirth and is the perfect celebration of Britain's favourite comedian.

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    Saturday 22 Apr 20177:00pm Book Now
    Just Like That

    Just The Ticket

    From Peter Quilter, the writer of the hilarious relationship comedy ‘Duets’ and the brilliantly funny ‘Glorious’ (recently made into a film starring Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant) comes a story of love, life, loneliness and one very special lady.

    Susan is an eccentric sixty-year-old who decides to celebrate her birthday by repeating a journey to Australia she made with a group of friends when she was 20.

    Now she is travelling alone and carrying the excess baggage of 40 years of bittersweet experience which she recounts with wit and charm as she tells her unique story and slowly starts to write the next chapter.

    Just the Ticket is an unexpected, poignant and often hilarious trip through the life and loves of a remarkable woman - and proof to us all that it’s never too late for adventure - and maybe even for true love!

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    Thursday 25 May 20177:30pm Book Now
    Friday 26 May 20177:30pm Book Now
    Saturday 27 May 20177:30pm Book Now
    Monday 29 May 20177:30pm Book Now
    Tuesday 30 May 20177:30pm Book Now
    Wednesday 31 May 20177:30pm Book Now
    Thursday 1 Jun 20177:30pm Book Now
    Friday 2 Jun 20177:30pm Book Now
    Saturday 3 Jun 20177:30pm Book Now
    Just The Ticket

    Charley's Aunt

    It is Commemoration Week in Oxford, 1892. Jack Chesney loves Kitty Verdun and Charley Wykeham loves Amy Spettigue. To impress the objects of their affection, the boys invite the ladies to meet Charley's exotic and wealthy aunt Donna Lucia, who comes from Brazil, "where the nuts come from".

    But when Donna Lucia cancels her visit at the last minute, the boys turn in desperation to their feckless Oxford undergrad pal Lord Fancourt Babberley (Babbs to his friends), dressing him in a black satin skirt, bloomers and wig.

    All proceeds well, especially for Babbs who enjoys the attentions of his pals’ girls, until the real Donna Lucia appears, concealing her own identity and creating chaos for all concerned.

    Brandon Thomas’ classic farce is one of the great plays of the English stage.

    Fresh from a West End revival, this is a wonderful slice of life in a bygone age, as fast and funny today as it was on its debut 125 years ago.

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    Thursday 6 Jul 20177:30pm Book Now
    Friday 7 Jul 20177:30pm Book Now
    Saturday 8 Jul 20177:30pm Book Now
    Monday 10 Jul 20177:30pm Book Now
    Tuesday 11 Jul 20177:30pm Book Now
    Wednesday 12 Jul 20177:30pm Book Now
    Thursday 13 Jul 20177:30pm Book Now
    Friday 14 Jul 20177:30pm Book Now
    Saturday 15 Jul 20177:30pm Book Now
    Charley's Aunt