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Sex Cells

Welcome to Aphrodite’s busy call centre where Sylvie, Janice, Tiffany and Lily are hard at work taking telephone orders for Teasey Maids, Titvators, rotating pearl G-Strings and a variety of other sex-toys. Beneath the cheerful customer service and easy banter, these very different women nurse their own desires and disappointments. The four women face problems that we all have encountered in today’s society – wanting a family, wanting to find love, wanting more time and wanting their freedom. These wants and fears are buried under wisecracks and work.

Mr Causeway, the gentle and innocent manager of the call centre, attempts to diffuse the tension between his staff while suppressing a longstanding crush on one of his employees.

Sex Cells is a very funny and poignant play about motherhood, friendship, love and loss.

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Sex Cells