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Aladdin and The Lamp

What would you do with three magic wishes?  Well why not use one to join us at Grove Park Theatre this holiday season as we invite you to the spectacular pantomime Aladdin and the Lamp.  Meet Aladdin – a poor boy who is about to cross paths with destiny and go on the ride of his life where danger, excitement and hilarity await.  Our story sees us in China where the evil Abanazar is hunting for the fabled Lamp; the owner of which will have access to all the magic in the world.  But Abanazar can not do this alone and needs the help of a young brave man – enter Aladdin.  Can Aladdin trust Abanazar?  Will good save the day?  And what exactly is in this Lamp?

All your favourite pantomime characters are there: the brash but “beautiful” Widow Twanky, the hapless and hilarious Wishy Washy…, even the Emperor of China makes an appearance!  And, did I just see a Panda?

Come along to Grove Park Theatre and discover why our pantomimes have been beloved by Wrexham audiences for over 35 years!  There’s going to be music, magic and merriment so book your ticket today and don’t miss out!

Please NOTE

  • ALL Children MUST have their own seat
  • The Pantomime may not be suitable for children under 3 years old

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Sunday 16 Dec 20181:00pm Book Now
Sunday 16 Dec 20185:30pm Book Now
Wednesday 19 Dec 20187:00pm Book Now
Thursday 20 Dec 20187:00pm Book Now
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Wednesday 2 Jan 20197:00pm Book Now
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Saturday 5 Jan 20191:00pm Book Now
Saturday 5 Jan 20195:30pm Book Now
Aladdin and The Lamp

Entertaining Angels

Entertaining Angels is a deceptively profound and comic play which focuses on Grace, a former clergy wife, who is enjoying her new-found freedom following the death of her husband, Bardolph. After spending a lifetime of being on her best behaviour she can now do and say exactly as she pleases.

Joining Grace in this latest stage of her life is her therapist daughter, Jo; her eccentric missionary sister, Ruth and Sarah the new female vicar with some very un-clergy-like credentials. As the action progresses, Grace faces some disturbing revelations and is forced to confront Bardolph’s ghost and the truth of their marriage.

Richard Everett’s clever, funny and touching play asks whether God can be trusted to do anything at all “or is the whole thing a divine exercise in trial and error?”

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Thursday 14 Feb 20197:30pm Book Now
Friday 15 Feb 20197:30pm Book Now
Saturday 16 Feb 20192:00pm Book Now
Monday 18 Feb 20197:30pm Book Now
Tuesday 19 Feb 20197:30pm Book Now
Wednesday 20 Feb 20197:30pm Book Now
Thursday 21 Feb 20197:30pm Book Now
Friday 22 Feb 20197:30pm Book Now
Saturday 23 Feb 20197:30pm Book Now
Entertaining Angels

The God Of Carnage

Acerbic wit, shrewd humour and incisive observations are all part and parcel for this hilarious clash of personalities.

What happens when two sets of parents meet up to deal with a physical altercation between their two sons? A calm and rational debate between grown-ups about the need to teach kids how to behave properly? Or a hysterical night of name-calling, tantrums and tears before bedtime?

Boys will be boys, but the adults are usually worse – much worse! Christopher Hampton’s translation of Yasmina Reza’s razor-sharp-edged play has excited and entertained audiences all over the world since its premier in 2008. Grove Park Theatre is delighted to present this war of words by one of the most exciting writers of contemporary theatre.

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Thursday 28 Mar 20197:30pm Book Now
Friday 29 Mar 20197:30pm Book Now
Saturday 30 Mar 20192:00pm Book Now
Monday 1 Apr 20197:30pm Book Now
Tuesday 2 Apr 20197:30pm Book Now
Wednesday 3 Apr 20197:30pm Book Now
Thursday 4 Apr 20197:30pm Book Now
Friday 5 Apr 20197:30pm Book Now
Saturday 6 Apr 20197:30pm Book Now
The God Of Carnage

The War Of The Wands

A Youth Theatre Production

Welcome to a wonderful world of witches, wizards, warlocks, werewolves, weirdoes and whatever else we can think of beginning with a ‘W’…

The team that brought you last season’s hilarious ‘Space Quest Galaxy Wars’ invites you on a fantastical, fabulously funny frolic through the world of fantasy fiction. Join our intrepid band of heroes as they face death-defying challenges on their way to glorious immortality, meeting a dizzying array of gruesome characters along the way.

Charting the fantasy universe all the way from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings, The War of the Wands promises to be truly fantastic fun for the whole family.

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Thursday 25 Apr 20197:00pm Book Now
Friday 26 Apr 20197:00pm Book Now
Saturday 27 Apr 20192:00pm Book Now
Saturday 27 Apr 20197:00pm Book Now
The War Of The Wands

Sex Cells

Welcome to Aphrodite’s busy call centre where Sylvie, Janice, Tiffany and Lily are hard at work taking telephone orders for Teasey Maids, Titvators, rotating pearl G-Strings and a variety of other sex-toys. Beneath the cheerful customer service and easy banter, these very different women nurse their own desires and disappointments. The four women face problems that we all have encountered in today’s society – wanting a family, wanting to find love, wanting more time and wanting their freedom. These wants and fears are buried under wisecracks and work.

Mr Causeway, the gentle and innocent manager of the call centre, attempts to diffuse the tension between his staff while suppressing a longstanding crush on one of his employees.

Sex Cells is a very funny and poignant play about motherhood, friendship, love and loss.

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Thursday 30 May 20197:30pm Book Now
Friday 31 May 20197:30pm Book Now
Saturday 1 Jun 20192:00pm Book Now
Monday 3 Jun 20197:30pm Book Now
Tuesday 4 Jun 20197:30pm Book Now
Wednesday 5 Jun 20197:30pm Book Now
Thursday 6 Jun 20197:30pm Book Now
Friday 7 Jun 20197:30pm Book Now
Saturday 8 Jun 20197:30pm Book Now
Sex Cells

Calamity Jane

Saddle up and join us at Grove Park Theatre as we present this classic family favourite musical – an adaptation of the 1953 movie with Doris Day.

Calamity Jane is one of Deadwood City’s two most famous peace officers. She and Wild Bill Hickock join forces to save the neck of Henry Miller, the owner of the local saloon, The Golden Garter. It seems that Henry has been misleading his patrons - promoting the beautiful actress, Frances Fryer who is, in fact, the male Francis. It’s up to Calamity and her trusty pistols to cool down the angry miners. Calamity Jane sets off to Chicago to bring back the real heart-throb Adelaide Adams but mistakenly brings her maid, Katie Brown back to Deadwood. Can Calamity restore order, overcome jealousy and find love?

Mistaken identities, rousing songs and secret loves all combine to make this one of the world’s most favourite and enduring musicals. A night out to remember for all the family.

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Thursday 11 Jul 20197:30pm Book Now
Friday 12 Jul 20197:30pm Book Now
Saturday 13 Jul 20192:00pm Book Now
Monday 15 Jul 20197:30pm Book Now
Tuesday 16 Jul 20197:30pm Book Now
Wednesday 17 Jul 20197:30pm Book Now
Thursday 18 Jul 20197:30pm Book Now
Friday 19 Jul 20197:30pm Book Now
Saturday 20 Jul 20197:30pm Book Now
Calamity Jane