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The War Of The Wands

A Youth Theatre Production

Welcome to a wonderful world of witches, wizards, warlocks, werewolves, weirdoes and whatever else we can think of beginning with a ‘W’…

The team that brought you last season’s hilarious ‘Space Quest Galaxy Wars’ invites you on a fantastical, fabulously funny frolic through the world of fantasy fiction. Join our intrepid band of heroes as they face death-defying challenges on their way to glorious immortality, meeting a dizzying array of gruesome characters along the way.

Charting the fantasy universe all the way from Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings, The War of the Wands promises to be truly fantastic fun for the whole family.

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Thursday 25 Apr 20197:00pm Book Now
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Saturday 27 Apr 20192:00pm Book Now
Saturday 27 Apr 20197:00pm Book Now
The War Of The Wands