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Romeo and Juliet

When two lovers are separated and trying to get back to one another, that's fiercely romantic and something you become glued to. – Saoirse Ronan

1974 and the United Kingdom is not so united.  Having recently joined the EEC, we are in the midst of an oil crisis, a three-day week, miners strikes, rising unemployment and growing dissatisfaction.  PM Edward Heath has called a General Election hoping to keep his grip over a divided political climate.

The Capulets are a wealthy Conservative family who are keen supporters of Heath and campaign for him as the election approaches.  Their daughter, Juliet, is an upstanding young girl who will marry well and be an excellent housewife just as her unfulfilled mother is.  The rival Montague family are members of the mining community and proud Labour supporters and are backing Harold Wilson who is promising to end the strikes and bring change to the UK.  

Their son Romeo is detached from society, politics and community as he drifts through the city listening to David Bowie, embracing androgyny and dreaming of love.  Juliet sees him as the antithesis to the world she’s used to as he offers her a new, exciting and romantic outlook.  Life will never be the same again as Grove Park Theatre presents to you this classic tale of theatre’s most famous star-cross’d lovers.

This amateur production of Romeo and Juliet is an original concept by Grove Park Theatre

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Romeo and Juliet
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